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  • Extras

    h1{text-align:center;}. Introduction h2{text-align:center;}. Subsystems

    [[Ships]][[ …

  • Weapons and Armor

    h2{text-align:center;}. Ratings and Scale p{text-align:justify;}. Weapons and armor within Fringe Runners use the proposed extras rules from the FATE Core, with the assumption that they apply to all weapons and armor, not just those which are …

  • Wealth

    h2{text-align:center}. Wealth Stress

    Wealth stress measures the ability of a character to use and absorb financial cost, and is also directly tied to the Fuel Stress track used by ships. Unlike the physical and mental …

  • Fuel

    h2{text-align:center;}. Fuel Stress

    Fuel stress is a measure of how much fuel a jump-capable starship has for FTL travel. It could also be a measure of how much fuel other vehicles have, or a measure of the sublight …

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