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  • Main Page

    h1{text-align:center;}. Introduction h2{text-align:center;}. Who?

    [[The Cast]][[The …

  • Skills

    p{text-align:justify;}. The skills list used in Fringe Runners is somewhat more robust than basic FATE assumes, in order to emulate the feel of Traveller. This may be subject to change in the future. |_. Skill|_. Overcome|_. Advantage|_. Attack|_. …

  • Aspects

    h1{text-align:center;}. Issues h2{text-align:center;}. Current Issues

    "(fAspect). The Red Ships":http://fringe-runners.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-red-ships

  • Races

    h2{text-align:center;}. Major Races h4{text-align:center;}. Humaniti

    [[Solomani]] [[Vilani]] [[Zhodani]]
    h4{text-align:center;}. Other Sophonts
    [[Aslan]] [[Droyne]] …

  • Corporations

    h2{text-align:center;}. Megacorporations p{text-align:justify;line-height:1;}. While there are millions of organizations doing business within Charted Space, most are limited to only one or two worlds. A few thousand do business across subsectors, and …

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