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  • Skills

    p{text-align:justify;}. The skills list used in Fringe Runners is somewhat more robust than basic FATE assumes, in order to emulate the feel of Traveller. This may be subject to change in the future. |_. Skill|_. Overcome|_. Advantage|_. Attack|_. …

  • Aspects

    h1{text-align:center;}. Issues h2{text-align:center;}. Current Issues

    "(fAspect). The Red Ships":http://fringe-runners.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-red-ships

  • Astrogation

    Astrogation is the skill of planning and executing Jumps, and of navigating through local star systems at sublight speeds.

    [[File:714221 | class=media- …

  • Academics

    The Academics skill is about knowledge and education.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]
    < …

  • Athletics

    The Athletics skill represents your character’s general level of physical fitness, whether through training, natural gifts, or genre-specific means (like magic or genetic alteration). It’s how good you are at …

  • The Red Ships

    bq.. This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone . . . Mayday, Mayday . . . we are under attack . . . main drive is gone . . . turret number one not responding Mayday . . . losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone . . . please help . . . This is …

  • Extras

    h1{text-align:center;}. Introduction h2{text-align:center;}. Subsystems

    [[Ships]][[ …

  • Weapons and Armor

    h2{text-align:center;}. Ratings and Scale p{text-align:justify;}. Weapons and armor within Fringe Runners use the proposed extras rules from the FATE Core, with the assumption that they apply to all weapons and armor, not just those which are …

  • Burglary

    The Burglary skill covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. It also covers proficiency in related tech, allowing the character to hack into security …

  • Wealth

    h2{text-align:center}. Wealth Stress

    Wealth stress measures the ability of a character to use and absorb financial cost, and is also directly tied to the Fuel Stress track used by ships. Unlike the physical and mental …

  • Fuel

    h2{text-align:center;}. Fuel Stress

    Fuel stress is a measure of how much fuel a jump-capable starship has for FTL travel. It could also be a measure of how much fuel other vehicles have, or a measure of the sublight …

  • Contacts

    Contacts is the skill of knowing and making connections with people. It presumes proficiency with all means of networking available in the setting.

    [[File: …

  • Deception

    Deception is the skill about lying to and misdirecting people.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]


    The Drive skill is used to operate ground vehicles of all stripes.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]


    Investigate is the skill you use to find things out. It’s a counterpart to [[Notice]] — whereas Notice revolves around situational alertness and surface observation, Investigate revolves around concentrated …

  • Notice

    The Notice skill involves just that—noticing things. It’s a counterpart to [[Investigate]], representing a character’s overall perception, ability to pick out details at a glance, and other powers of …

  • Physique

    The Physique skill is a counterpart to [[Athletics]], representing the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance.

    [[File: …

  • Provoke

    Provoke is the skill about getting someone’s dander up and eliciting negative emotional response from them—fear, anger, shame, etc. It’s the “being a jerk” skill. To use Provoke, you need some kind of …

  • Rapport

    The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to people and eliciting positive emotion. It’s the skill of being liked and trusted.

    [[File: …

  • Stealth

    The Stealth skill allows you to avoid detection, both when hiding in place and trying to move about unseen. It pairs well with the [[Burglary]] skill.

    [[ …

  • Will

    The Will skill represents your character’s general level of mental fortitude, the same way that [[Physique]] represents your physical fortitude.

    [[File: …

  • Communications

    Communications is the skill used to interact with communications systems and sensor systems. Sending and receiving messages, interpreting comms and sensor output, and so forth all fall under this skill.

  • Pirate Radio

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. When you use [[Communications]] to create an advantage involving ongoing communication (for instance, %(fAspectText)Broadcasting SOS% ), you can always actively oppose any overcome rolls to shut down or jam the …

  • Ghost in the Wire

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. When talking over a comms line or other technological medium, you can use [[Communications]] in place of [[Deception]] to impersonate others.

  • Cryptographer

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1}. When you use the [[Communications]] skill to overcome an encryption advantage on a transmission or signal, you gain a +2 shift bonus on the roll.

  • Engineer

    Engineer is the skill of working with machinery, for good or ill.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]

    Remote Operations

    Remote Operations is the skill that governs the use and operation of remote mechanical platforms, such as drones, hacked robots, and any other small-scale machines which can be piloted remotely.

  • Firearms

    Firearms is the skill of using ranged weaponry, either in a conflict or on targets that don’t actively resist your attempts to shoot them (like a bull’s-eye or the broad side of a barn).

    Melee Weapons

    The Melee Weapons skill covers all forms of close-quarters combat while armed with a weapon, whether high tech, low tech or improvised. For bare-handed combat, see [[Hand to Hand]]. For ranged combat, see [[ …

  • Pilot

    The Pilot skill is all about operating aircraft and starships of all types.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]
  • Jetstream

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. You can coax more speed out of your craft than seems possible. Whenever you're engaged in any contest where speed is the primary factor (such as a chase or a race of some kind) and you tie with your [[Pilot]] roll, …

  • Evasive Maneuvers

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Once per conflict when Defending using [[Pilot]] to avoid damage, you may gain a +2 bonus to your roll.

  • Heavy Weapons

    Heavy Weapons is the skill of using heavy ranged weaponry, explosives, artillery, and other such weapons.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | …

  • Indirect Fire

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. So long as you have someone to relay information to you and you are using an appropriate weapon, you can ignore any number of zone distances between you and a target while Attacking zone-wide using Heavy Weapons. You …

  • Lead in the Air

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. You really like emptying magazines. Any time you’re using a fully automatic [[Heavy Weapons | Heavy Weapon]] and you succeed at an attack, you automatically create a Fair (+2) opposition against movement in that zone …

  • Explosives Expert

    p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Once per conflict, when someone fails to overcome a [[Heavy Weapons]] advantage you've set using explosives (such as C4, mines, dynamite or etc.), you may choose to inflict a 2-shift hit on them. Doing so removes the …

  • Hand to Hand

    The Hand to Hand skill covers all forms of unarmed combat.

    [[File:714221 | class=media-item-align-none | Overcome.png]]


    Medic is the skill of attending to the wounded, and of providing long-term care to those with more serious injuries or ailments. It is the physical equivalent of [[Empathy]].


    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Return to the fleet? You and the capital can choke. I'm not leaving the Captain behind! p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. You're inclined to follow people who demonstrate forceful personalities, with that …

  • Vargr

    h2{text-align:center;}. Mechanics

    *Primary Aspect:* "(fAspect). Charisma":http://fringe-runners.obsidianportal.com/wikis/charisma *Secondary Aspects:* "(fAspect). I Stand by My Allies":http://fringe- …

  • I Stand by My Allies

    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. I've got your back, cap'n. Get out there - I'll cover you! p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Despite their reputation for disloyalty, Vargr stand fast when the chips are down.

  • Pride of the Vargr

    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Hey doggie, go fetch! _--Overheard shortly before a brawl broke out in a Highport bar_ p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Vargr are universally prideful, and think of themselves as the chosen ones of the …

  • Corsair Born, Corsair Bred

    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Alright, you ill-born sons of bitches! Let's go earn our pay! p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. To the Vargr, piracy and mercenary work are seen in an almost prestigious light, and the greatest corsair bands …

  • Extents of Ambition

    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Sorry cap'n, but the crew'n me think we just had too much bad luck lately. Just step down'n this all goes over easy. p{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. Despite everything, Vargr are always looking for ways to …

  • Brinn

    h2{text-align:center;}. Mechanics

    *Primary Aspect:* "(fAspect). Methane-Breathing Carnivore-Killer From Divad":http://fringe-runners.obsidianportal.com/wikis/methane-breathing-carnivore-killer-from- …

  • Methane-Breathing Carnivore-Killer From Divad

    bq{text-align:justify; line-height:1;}. "Divad, a world in the Corridor Sector, is inhospitable in the extreme. Not only are the hydrogen-methane atmosphere and rare hydrogen cyanide rainstorms hostile to most offworld life, but the average temperature on …

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