While there are millions of organizations doing business within Charted Space, most are limited to only one or two worlds. A few thousand do business across subsectors, and a few hundred operate at the sector level. Only the megacorporations do business on an Imperial (or equivalent) scale. Megacorporations are capable of fielding private armies and most, if not all retain a sizeable private military force, and they wield substantial political and societal influence.

Imperial Megacorporations

Delgado Trading, LIC: Founded in 997, Delgado is the youngest of the Imperial megacorporations. Manufacturer of military hardware, provider of miniaturization solutions, and invested in heavy mineral mining and refining, publishing, antiquities trading and, recently, the toy industry.

GSbAG: Popularly known as Gasbag, Geschichtkreiss Sternschiffbau AG traces their lineage back to -2438 on Terra, but their first actual record of existence is in a contract with the Sylean Federation Navy in -334. Almost exclusively concerned with starships, maintaining numerous military contracts and renowned for quality (and cost), GSbAG is also one of two firms contracted to manufacture the personal starships of the Imperial family.

General Products, LIC: Formed in the wake of the Imperial Civil War (circa 620) from a merger of smaller manufacturing concerns, General is primarily a heavy industry manufacturer, including starships (and non-starships) as well as heavy machinery. Their starship division has lately been plagued by disasters.

Hortalez et Cie, LIC: Founded in 221 by Lucienne Hortalez, Hortalez et Cie is one of the premier financial institutions within Imperial space, with interests both in banking and insurance. Particularly in the frontier regions (especially the Spinward Marches Sector), Hortalez et Cie also acts as a mercenary clearinghouse.

Instellarms: Founded in 626 after the end of the Civil War period by a retired mercenary colonel, Axel Murdoch. Concerned primarily with the manufacture, acquisition and sales of military equipment and hardware. Rumored to deal in restricted weaponry and assets where scrutiny is low enough.

Ling-Standard Products: Originally a mining firm, LSP has since diversified into a wide range of markets and activities both mercantile and manufactory. One of the Imperial megacorps involved with starship manufacture as well as starship components.

Makhidkarun: One of the original three Vilani Bureaux (and therefore older than both the Second and Third Imperiums), the modern face of Makhidkarun is that of an entertainment and communications giant. Also active in the fields of robotics manufacture and R&D. Maintains a gourmet food department as well.

Naasirka: Another of the original three Vilani Bureaux. Originally lead by the Shugilii caste (food preparation), Naasirka has since diversified into a broad-based organization with interests particularly in comms and computing equipment and robotics development. Naasirka is the largest manufacturer of robotics in the Third Imperium, and supplies much of the comms equipment used aboard the IISS’s X-Boat Network.

Sharurshid: The last of the three Vilani Bureaux. Unlike most of the megacorporations, Sharurshid does little manufacture itself, primary dealing with interstellar trade and shipping and speculation. A supplier of luxury goods to and from all areas of the Imperium and even abroad.

Sternmetal Horizons, LIC: Sternmetal is a mining and manufacturing outfit. Primarily concerned with the manufacture of power generation equipment, Sternmetal Horizons is also the largest manufacturer of food synthesis equipment in the Imperium.

SuSAG: Schunamann und Sohn AG, LIC is the premier pharmaceutical and chemical R&D establishment in the Imperium. However, it also likely enjoys the least favorable public image in the Imperium, owing to the substantial private military it employs and the research it does on chemical and biological warfare. It is an open secret that SuSAG operates in an extra-legal fashion through the use of its military arm and mercenary contractors, although primarily outside of Imperial borders.

Tukera Lines, LIC: Recorded at least as far back as the Sylean Federation, Tukera Lines is one of the major players in trade, shipping, and passenger transport within the Imperium. Also maintains a sizeable investment in trade and commodities speculation. Within the Marches, Tukera Lines finds itself facing considerable competition from two corporations – Imperiallines and Oberlindes Lines, with the latter administering most of the Class C starports in the Marches.

Zirunkariish: The other major financial organization within Imperial space, Zirunkariish was founded in -425 by the Vilani noble family Shiighuginsa (a member of which, Antiama, married the emperor Zhakirov in 679). Zirunkariish is the primary insurance underwriter within Imperial borders. While it possesses a colossal capital reserve, it rarely invests in other megacorporations. Maintains a partnership with GSbAG, who supplies most of their starships.



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