But First

We’re using all of this stuff.

New Frontiers is also a go.


Starting Level

Starting level is 4.

Included Skills

For Psions:
Electrokinetics (With caveat that the basic useage requires an available source of electricity to use>)

Excluded Skills

Precognition (for Psions)

Skills Requiring GM Approval

Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge (Psionics)
Life Sciences (Psionics)

Alien Races

The race statistics used here are identical to those presented in New Frontiers with a few exceptions.

Hivers: Hivers do not have a 6-point phobia of combat. Hivers do have a 4-point phobia of combat at ranges within 50 metres.

K’kree: K’kree do not have a phobia of being separated from other K’kree, but do experience penalties for prolonged separation from their kind. Their claustraphobia is reduced to 4-points.

Vargr: Vargr do not have Easily Swayed. Instead, they have Charisma: If a Vargr has a positive PER Resistance Mod, increase that resistance mod by +1. If negative, increase by -1.

Starting Resources

Your Trav books are not useless! Upon completion of Alternity chargen, you get rolls on Benefits tables of your choice from the Trav career books/corebook equal to your character’s level. Reroll any rolls that give a mechanical bonus instead of a material bonus, if you aren’t rolling on the cash table. This should give your characters a decent body of starting resources. Try to make the tables you roll on make sense though.


Mortal Injury and Fatigue Penalties

Being that the core Alternity system unfairly penalizes those able to take more mortal damage, and generally makes success a distant possibility when injured, the penalty for being mortally injured is reduced to a single +1-step penalty.

In addition, having Fatigue damage also applies a single +1-step penalty, rather than +1-step/per.


Central Supply Catalogue and other books

The CSS is still in use. If you want something, tell me what it is and I’ll convert it. Same is true of equipment found in the Advanced Career books.


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