A Brief Library Entry

The Vargr as a people date back to the height of Ancient activity, some 300,000 years ago. Created from carnivore/chaser stock transplanted from Terra to Lair/Grnouf in the Provence Sector, they were uplifted, given sophisticated intelligence and forelimbs capable of manipulating tools. Whatever the intentions for the Ancients, the Vargr have survived the wilds of Lair (an environment to which they were never truly suited) and expanded, becoming one of the six races to independently develop Jump Drive technology.

Physically, Vargr resemble Terran wolves, but walk with an upright gait on digitigrade legs. Their arms end in human-like hands, with longer and more slender digits, and each finger possesses a long, non-retractable claw which the Vargr still occasionally use as a weapon.

Psychologically, Vargr are somewhat difficult for Humaniti to really understand. Their inherent sense of charisma and the differences in structure between human and Vargr social circles makes the Vargr seem mercurial, disloyal, treacherous or confused to those outside.


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