Darrian Scout Medic/Doctor/Pilot


Name: Lyizal Thalehnor

Nicknames: Lyi, “Lee”

Ethnicity: Darrian (genetically Darrian-Solomani mixed)

Species Physical Description: Darrians are a Minor Human race, tending to be tall, slender and dextrous, with golden skin and white or silver-grey hair.

Sex: Male

Age: 34

Occupation: Pilot/Medic, Scout Service

Former Occupations: Doctor, Naval Officer/Medical

Weight: 81 kg (178 pounds)

Height: 183 cm (6’0")

Hair color and style: White, long, straight.

Eye color: Green

Clothing: Commonly wears tailored long-sleeved mid-thigh tunics with Mandarin collars, loose-legged ankle-length pants, and soft-soled shoes.


Homeworld: Vilis (Industrial, High Population)

Home Sector: Vilis Subsector

Diplomas and Medals:

  • 4-year Diploma, Imperial Naval Academy, Support College, _________ (location)
    • Graduation, Rank: Ensign
  • 4-year Service Ribbon, INS Arbellatra
    • Honourable Discharge, Rank: Sublieutenant
  • 4-year Graduate Degree, Regina University Medical College, Regina


  • Imperial Scout Service Small Craft Pilot
  • Civilian Small Craft Pilot, Regina
  • Imperial Scout Service Medical Practitioner
  • Medical Doctor, Regina


  • Regina Sector Category 3 personal general armaments license
  • Regina Sector Category 3 personal general armor license
  • Regina Sector Concealed-carry license, Body Pistol

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